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Sandwiches and more...

Pedralbes-style Frankfurts from Casa Vallès

A Barcelona street food classic recreated with succulent Catalan meats and Bandarra St.’s creative genius. Don’t leave without trying them out!

Frankfurt 4

Who says fast food is at odds with quality and flavour? Our exquisite Frankfurt proves it isn’t! Its local meat and traditional Vienna bread will have you licking your fingers!

Cervela 5

A little “chubbier” than the traditional Frankfurt but with a greater concentration of flavours! The Bandarra St. Cervela is the perfect snack for any occasion. What are you waiting for?

Bratwurst 5

Our German customers assure us that the Bandarra St. Bratwurst has little to envy the original German version. Our secret? Extraordinary meat and lots of love!

Picantwurst 4,5

Love a little spice in your life? In that case, you’ll love our version of the German classic! Our Picanwurst has the right amount of heat – not too much, not too little! Try it and you’ll believe!

Vegan Frankfurt 4,5

Same texture, consistency and flavour of a traditional Frankfurt with 100% vegetable ingredients and 0 cholesterol. It sounds impossible, but it’s real, and you’ll love it!

Farmers’ Hotdog 7,4

Why not create an Empordà version of the American classic? we asked ourselves one fine day. And this is the result: butifarra sausage, aioli, romesco sauce, roasted eggplant, bell peppers, onion, tomato, garlic and olive oil. It will take your breath away!

Calamari Sandwich 4,5

Are you a fan of this wonderfully insane example of Spanish “street food”? If that’s the case, our artisan bread full of delicious battered squid will drive you crazy. Guaranteed!

Duroc pork ribs 72/14 5

An exceptionally tender meat with high fat infiltration rate, marinated with our secret ingredients and cooked at a low temperature. You have to try it to believe it! A must in Bandarra St!

Fish & Chips 9

One of the greatest British inventions! Prepared in Bandarra St. with the freshest catch from the Mediterranean and accompanied with our famous chips. Yes, please!

Matured Galician blonde beef Cheeseburguer 7,4

Bandarra St. celebrates the tenderness and exquisite flavour of this Galician icon with a juicy cheeseburger complete with lettuce, tomato, sweet and sour gherkin, caramelised onion, and melted cheddar. Try it now!

Vegan Cheeseburguer “Beyond meat” 9,9

Vegan? Absolutely! Super tasty? Without a doubt! A crunchy artisan bun, extra juicy “unmeat” and an “uncheese” that melts in your mouth. What else can you ask for?

Taco al Pastor 3

The essence of Mexico on your plate: marinated meat (with the perfect amount of spiciness!), roasted, finely cut and wrapped on small corn tortillas. Thank you, Mexico!

Vegan Taco al Pastor 3,5

Almost identical flavours to the original meat version and an incredibly similar texture. These tacos will have any vegan person crying of pure gastronomic pleasure!


Majorcan (sobrasada, cheese and honey) 2,5

The perfect combination! Majorcan sobrasada with cheese and local honey, wrapped in Bandarra St.’s delicious homemade quesadilla. The Balearic Islands and Mexico dancing on your palate!

“Synchronised” (cheese and ham) 2,5

Fancy a tasty Mexican snack? Made with local cheese and ham, the Bandarra St. “synchronised” turns what could have been a simple quesadilla into an unforgettable gastronomic experience!

Vegan (mushrooms, caramelised onion and vegan cheese) 3

A favourite at Bandarra St. even for non-vegans! Who doesn’t like the flavours of an artisan quesadilla with mushrooms, local cheese and caramelised onions? Impossible!

Bit of this, bit of that

Chilaquiles 8,9

Chila what? Chilaquiles. Or tortilla chips. Call them what you wish, but here we serve this great Mexican invention with red sauce, fresh cheese, pico de gallo sauce and lime. You're going to lick your fingers!

Crazy cheese Nachos 11,4

A mountain of homemade nachos covered in crispy bacon, avocado, pico de gallo sauce and the best local cheese melting in your mouth. They'll make you go cra-i-zy! Really!

Crunchy Chiken Spicy Wings 5,9

Originally from the USA, at Bandarra St. we prepare them with 0-kilometre animals and all the personality of the Mediterranean! Spicy, crispy, and super tasty!

Roasted snails with two sauces 9,5

You are in Girona and you must eat snails., there’s no question about it! But until you try Bandarra St.’s you won’t know what a perfectly roasted snail is. Are you game?

Andalusian-style calamari with soft black garlic aioli 9

The ideal dish to be shared amongst family and friends. Squids from our Mediterranean accompanied by a caramelised black garlic aioli that adds colour and flavour to this Andalusian classic.

Roasted chicken “Croquetón” with caramelised onion 1,75

Watch out! This is not your ordinary croquette – this is a roasted chicken and caramelised croquette XXL size that will produce an XXL explosion of flavours in your mouth. Are you ready?

Hummus with totopos 7,6

A very light and smooth homemade hummus served with toasted corn tortilla chips. A healthy “snack” for any time of the day and any occasion!

Bandarra St. Bravas 5,7

Our clients travel hundreds (even thousands!) of kilometres for our Bravas. Spicy and super crispy, you too will surrender at their feet! Guaranteed.

Bravas with wasabi mayo 5,7

You have the classics of Spanish gastronomy, and then you have the Bandarra St. Bravas with wasabi mayonnaise. Watch out for the Wasabi! It's explosive!

French fries 3

So easy to get addicted to the perfectly fried chips at Bandarra St.! The perfect snack. Full stop. And tomorrow it will be another day!

Venezuelan Cheese Tequeños 7,9

Cheese fingers made with fried wheat flour dough and a local cheese filling. Venezuelan Street Food that you’ll fall in love with as much as we did in the streets of Caracas!

Manchego cheese 7

Need we say more? Surely your mouth is already watering just by reading the word “manchego”? A traditional cheese made without any additives. Pure magic on your palate.

Acorn-fed Iberian Ham 14,50 (90g) 14,5

Only a smooth, oily, aromatic and exquisite ham could result from a unique breed of animals cared for and cured following ancestral techniques. The kind that leaves you breathless!

Catalan artisan cheese selection served on a “stool” 12

We celebrate our land’s cheese tradition by selecting the best, the most popular and the most surprising. Perfect as a starter, dessert or to share!

Ampurdán sausage tree 10

Yes, a tree! A tree displaying the best artisan cured meats in the region – black butifarra, white butifarra, Catalan sausage, dried secallona sausage and chorizo, selected by these Bandarras for you!


Poke bowl with Tuna 9

From Hawaii to the Mediterranean, direct to your palate! Nutritious, healthy, and super delicious, made with ingredients from the land and a tuna fish that will melt in your mouth. Aloha and thanks, Hawaii!

Poke bowl with sword fish 9

Your lunch, dinner or perfect to share with friends and family! Flavours of Hawaii with a special protagonist: the lean and tender meat of our swordfish. Give yourself this great pleasure today!

Vegan Poke bowl with Tempe 9

Looking for a vegan alternative to boost your energy levels? Try our delicious Poke Bowl! It’s bursting with tempe and the goodness of our local ingredients! You’ll come back for more!

Green sprout salad with molasses and mustard vinaigrette 6,5

A healthy, light and tasty dish with the sweet feel of the sugar cane molasses in our vinaigrette. From our local orchards to your table!

Gazpacho on the rocks 6

Mix the best 0-kilometre ingredients, a little bit of the famous Bandarra spark and a lot of ice and what do you have? The perfect light meal to enjoy any time of the year! Why not?

Tomato preserve, Figueras’ onion, anchovies and black olives salad 6,5

What happens when you combine our delicious tomato preserve, the famous Escala anchovies and black olives from our land? You have pure perfection. An exceptionally light salad you’ll adore!


Thin crispy bread with tomato spread 2,6

Valles Tomato 0,5

Valles Mustard 0,5

Ketchup 0,2

Mustard 0,2

Mayo 0,2


Carrot cake con helado de manzana Granny Smith 6

An international scrumptious classic made especially for you by Bandarra St. and accompanied by an artisanal Italian Granny Smith apple ice cream. Are you really going to deny yourself this great pleasure?

Tatin Goblet 6

What would France think seeing its classic in a glass? It would love it! And you will too! Enjoy the fantastic flavours of our tarte Tatin concentrated in a glass!

Bandarra chocolate coolant with caramel heart 8

The ultimate pleasure! You’ll sink your spoon into the heart of this coolant and think you’re in heaven! Pure caramel magic melting on your plate and on your palate. It takes 12 minutes to bake, but this must of Bandarra Street will be worth your wait!

Baix Empordá Cheese Cake 6

A deconstruction of the classic cheesecake served with our own ricotta and strawberry jam home made from fruits collected by us! Not a fan of cheesecake? Try ours, and you’ll convert!

Mojito Foam 6

A dessert that has it all: lightness, sweetness, acidity, and a touch of happiness in the form of a mojito! The perfect dessert to finish your lunch or dinner at Bandarra St.

Artisan ice cream 6

Enjoy our very soft artisan ice creams: Madagascar vanilla, Granny Smith apples, Oreo, leche merengada, mandarin sorbet, beer sorbet and many more!

Recuit de drap 6

Curdled milk, drained, whipped and wrapped in rags by local shepherds for Bandarra St.’s customers. Light, smooth and delicious, our recuit de drap is perfect as breakfast, dessert or even a healthy snack!

Nutella Pancake 4,1

Who can resist delicious and homemade nutella pancakes! Ideal for chocolate lovers.

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