Watch out! The “Bandarras” are taking the streets!

Bandarra Street

Watch out, Costa Brava!

They say that the youngest of the Bandarras’ brothers is roaming the streets of Costa Brava. Locals rumour to have seen him driving along our steep roads and alleys – provocative, disruptive, a little cheeky and irresistibly charming!

They say he rides the same old orange Citroën that has been captivating the locals’ imagination for years now! So, consider yourself warned! The day Bandarra Street shows up at your door with its highly creative and bold cuisine, watch out! You will succumb to its charms! There is no fighting it!

The Bandarra gang knows that the best way to your heart is by tempting you with real, unpretentious home cooked food with a dash of innovation and an element of surprise. So, be ready! The day Bandarra Street knocks at your door, you will succumb to its charms! It’s inevitable!

He is known as Aitor, the Grand Master Bandarra

But he was born Aitor Sumoy Gete-Alonso, a passionate, bold, impetuous, instinctive man.

A lover of freedom, imagination and creativity. In a clandestine interview with a local newspaper, he was asked to list the 15 words that best described Aitor Sumoy Gete-Alonso. This was his answer:

“Joy, fun, surprise, instinct, pleasure, passion, outburst, fly, imagine, grow, madness, flavour, product, Earth, Country.”

Aitor Sumoy

The Grandmaster Bandarra has spent most of his life travelling around the world.

Exploring new lands and customs. Trying out different experiences. And applying everything he discovered on his expeditions to one of his greatest passions: gastronomy. Because, what truly fascinates Aitor is gastronomic freedom – to be able to play with top quality local products. Without rules. Without preconceptions. Without restrictions.

For years now, Aitor has worked from his gastronomic lab

Cal Bandarra, he calls it. There, among the cobbled alleys of the old Begur town, Aitor and his gang of Bandarras, give free rein to their gastronomic freedom, surprising those who are adventurous enough to try their creations. Captivating their clients with their exquisite local produce, extraordinary elaboration and incomparable flavours. The Bandarra kitchen has been creating unique dishes such as the Taco pastor, the Japanese Calçotada or the Rocks of Begur in Textures for a very long time.

Urban food from all over the world. Street food Aitor inspired by many hawker stalls all over the world. Food made to share. Food designed exclusively to guarantee a unique and unforgettable experience for you!

We care about the quality of our sausages!

Bandarra Street... now delivering in a charming old Citroën!

It was recently seen again. The locals couldn’t believe it! No one was sure whether it was a legend created by the collective mind or not. A German-registered 2hp was known to have driven the streets of Begur once upon a time but had long since disappeared from circulation.

“It is being repaired at the Girona mechanics school,” some rumoured. “It was corroded from the salt used on the roads in winter” others speculated.”

But the truth is that nobody knew if the myth of the bold orange Citroën was for real or it was simply the product of the locals’ imagination.

Until the little 2cv reappeared!

And with it… “Is that Aitor?!” Can it be Cal Bandarra?” people wondered from their windows. And yes, it was. Because this gang of “Bandarras” – led by Aitor Sumoy Gete-Alonso – had now decided to conquer the streets of Costa Brava. If Begur was unable to visit their gastronomic lab, Cal Bandarra would go to Begur.

If the small towns on the Costa Brava had been forced to go into lockdown, Bandarra Street would bring their kitchen to each of them, making every single household fall in love with their food all over again.

Delivering all those flavours that had made them famous throughout the Costa Brava to the homes of their confined clients. Burgers, creamy Iberian acorn ham and quince croquettes, deep fried “bravas” with wasabi mayonnaise…

And so it was that the unique gastronomic inventions of Bandarra Street began to take to the streets

In a matter of days, Begur and surrounding towns had been conquered. So, consider yourself warned! The day Bandarra Street shows up at your doorstep with its very creative and bold cuisine… That day, you are guaranteed to succumb to its charms! It’s inevitable!

Enjoy Bandarra ST.’s gastronomic experiences n the comfort of your home!