In 2020 we have evolved into Bandarra Street!

The coronavirus pandemic forced us to temporarily close the doors of our popular restaurant Cal Bandarra in Begur. “Are we going to sit and wait until this is all over?” we asked ourselves. The obvious answer was: “No way!”

Instead of you coming to us, we decided to take our gastronomic creations to you! So, until the day Cal Bandarra is able to safely reopen once again, we’ll be delivering the same vibrant flavours, colours and aromas directly to your home in our famous orange Citroen 2cv!


This year, more Bandarras and more delicious than ever!

Led by Aitor Sumoy Gete-Alonso – the Grand Bandarra Master -, Bandarra St. creates and delivers traditional food redesigned with a lot of personality and love. Gastronomic experiences from around the world discovered in our many trips.

Experiences that will take you to the Moroccan markets, the streets of New York and the hawker
stalls of Bangkok.

Food with a soul, in constant evolution: burgers, creamy croquettes with Iberian acorn-fed ham and quince jelly, our renowned “bravas” (deep fried potatoes) with wasabi mayonnaise…

This year, you can savour our famous dining experiences at home or at our charming outdoor patio in the heart of Begur.

Nearly 100 uninterrupted years creating gastronomic magic in Begur!

In 2020 and due to the unexpected circumstances worldwide, Cal Bandarra has taken a “sabatic year” and paused temporarily.

However, despite all the challenges, we continue to serve our clients from the same Cal Bandarra building in the old Plaja de Begur Inn – the oldest space where a restaurant has continuously worked from in Begur.

Meals have been cooked behind these doors since 1923!

Almost 100 years creating gastronomic magic for our wonderful clients in Costa Brava!

And by continuing to serve from our terrace and from our new home delivery service – Bandarra St. -, we are not interrupting our record!

So, in 2020, come and discover Bandarra St!

The most emblematic dish!

Our ribs 72-14 at low temperature, tasty calves!

Attention, Costa Brava! Watch out for the youngest of the Bandarra brothers!

Locals rumour to have seen him driving along our steep roads and alleys… Provocative, disruptive, a little cheeky but irresistibly charming! His orange Citroën captivates the locals’ imagination and hearts! So, consider yourself warned! When Bandarra Street shows up at your doorstep with its highly creative and bold cuisine you’re guaranteed to succumb to its charms! It’s inevitable!


“What really excites and fascinates me is freedom. Gastronomic freedom. To be able to play with top quality local products. Without rules. Without preconceptions. Without restrictions.”

Aitor Sumoy, Bandarra St.

This is what the “bandarras” who’ve already eaten at our place have to say about the experience!


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